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Screenprinted Morrissey Tonic Tee

Screenprinted Morrissey SBCC Tonic Tee

This evening, I’m going to a Morrissey gig in Birmingham, and I made a new tee to wear.

Years ago, I used to regularly customise RTW t-shirts, by appliqueing designs on the front. I made an appliqued Morrissey t-shirt using this exact design about ten years ago (also to wear to a gig). I still had my original sketch of Morrissey’s silhouette stashed away under my bed, which I used to make an acetate stencil. I then used the acetate stencil to screen print the design onto my cut out t-shirt front. Phil occassionally moans about all the old rubbish I keep hidden under our bed; this is proof that very occasionally it turns out to be useful!

Screenprinted Morrissey SBCC Tonic Tee

The pattern used is the Skinny Bitch Curvy Chick Tonic Tee, which is a free pattern. I cut a straight size small and it fits perfectly. The wrinkles you can see in these photos are due to the fabric I used being a VERY drapey and clingy grey t-shirt fabric, purchased from Abakhan in Liverpool. I used a black jersey from my stash to create the contrast neck binding, and the sleeve binding. The sleeve binding was the only alteration I made to the pattern (which suggests turning and top-stitching).

Screenprinted Morrissey SBCC Tonic Tee

I’m posing here with a 12″ single, What Difference does it Make? by The Smiths. The single was originally released featuring a picture of Terrence Stamp, he objected (although he later relented) and this alternative version, featuring a picture of Morrissey, was issued. I’ve wanted a copy of the Morrissey cover version for years and finally treated myself last year.

Screenprinted Morrissey SBCC Tonic Tee

I’m a born and bred Morrissey fan. Growing up, my Dad’s favourite band was the Smiths, and we always listened to them, especially The Queen is Dead as we had a cassette of the album that was kept in the car. The Smiths/Morrissey will always be my favourite band, but my favourite song does change from time to time; currently, I especially love Stretch Out and Wait (the Smiths), and Break Up the Family (Morrissey).

I’ll leave you with Moz, he says it best (at least, when he’s not talking absolute bollocks):

A sad fact widely known, the most impassionate song to a lonely soul is so easily outgrown. But don’t forget the songs that made you smile, and the songs that made you cry. – Rubber Ring

Screenprinted Morrissey SBCC Tonic Tee

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DIY Breaking Bad Heisenberg Tee

I made Phil a couple of t-shirts for Christmas – just using fabric pens to customise plain H&M tees. This is one of them, a Breaking Bad t-shirt with a Heisenberg design. You can buy a similar tee, but I thought it would be easier to make my own:)

Homemade Heisenberg Breaking Bad Tee

Homemade Heisenberg Breaking Bad Tee


Screen printed tees for a brother who has everything

It’s my brother’s birthday today. When we were younger it used to be really easy to buy him presents because we never had enough money to buy all the things we wanted, but now he has enough money to buy himself all the games & clothes he wants so he’s really difficult to buy presents for! This year I decided to screen print two tees for him instead.  I picked two characters he’s loved for a long time – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s Little Prince and Ark, from the SNES RPG Terranigma.

Test print of the Little Prince:

Little Prince Screen Print

The Little Prince tee:

Little Prince Screen Printed Tee

Ark from Terranigma test print:

Screen Printed Ark from Terranigma

Ark from Terranigma tee:

Terranigma Screen Printed Tee