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September Sewing Zine Vlog

Vlog Logo - September Sew Zine

I’ve just published a short vlog with some favourite sewing (and the odd knitting) related things I’ve spotted recently. All being well, I’m hoping to make it a regular series.

I used to publish lists of some of my favourite finds on the blog, but the vlog seems an ideal way of sharing them.

I’ve had a lovely quiet Sunday morning filming and editing; hopefully it will make for ideal Sunday afternoon viewing. I’m now going to get back to work on my refashioners project, accompanied by tea and a (admittedly complete bilge) Hedy Lamarr film.


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The Sewing Weekender 2018 Attendee Vlogs & Blog Posts

The Sewing Weekender 2018

It’s already been two weeks since the Sewing Weekender. I’ve finally finished editing the photos, and will post some pictures and thoughts later this week, but lots of attendees were quicker than me.

Links to the blog posts and vlogs I’ve spotted are below:

Blog Posts

♥ Adelle at Button & Pip
♥ Ann at SewWatts
♥ Karen at Did You Make That?
♥ Kathy at Sew Dainty
♥ Laura at Fabric Magpie
♥ Lucy at Sew Essential
♥ Melissa at FehrTrade
♥ Nina at Tales of the Sewing City
♥ Sarah at Crafty Sarah Sews


 Adelle at Button & Pip:

♥ Charlotte at English Girl at Home (me!):

♥ Harriet at The Little Dressmaker:

♥ Jen at Gingerthread Girl:

♥ Kealy at Voice of a Creative:

♥ Sarah at Like Sew Amazing:

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The Sewing Weekender 2018 Goodie Bags

Sewing Weekender 2018 Goodie Bags

The Sewing Weekender takes place this weekend! The final decorations are currently being hung in the venue, balloons inflated, and attendees will be arriving (or breakfasting for those who arrived yesterday) soon.

When they arrive at the venue, attendees will find the following goodie bags awaiting them, thanks to our lovely sponsors. Sewing Weekender totes (designed by Kate & Rachel) containing:

Sewing Weekender 2018 Goodie Bags

Sewing patterns courtesy of Crafty Sew & So, Simplicity, & Simply Sewing.

TSewing Weekender 2018 Goodie Bags

Sewing Weekender 2018 Goodie Bags Sewing Weekender 2018 Goodie Bags

Additional sewing patterns have also been dotted around the goodie bags, including patterns from Colette in 30 goodie bags.

Sewing Weekender 2018 Goodie Bags

Stof and Stil have sent every attendee one metre of fabric, a bag, catalogue and postcards:

Sewing Weekender 2018 Goodie Bags

Attendees have plenty to read on the journey home, with magazines from Love Sewing (featuring the lovely Karen Ball, who is one of our speakers) and Sew Today:

Sewing Weekender 2018 Goodie Bags

Sewing Weekender 2018 Goodie Bags

Discount codes have been provided courtesy of CocoWawa CraftsPink Coat Club, Weaver Dee, & Sew Essential:

Sewing Weekender 2018 Goodie Bags

Sewing Weekender 2018 Goodie Bags

Sewing Weekender 2018 Goodie Bags

Sewing Weekender 2018 Goodie Bags

Sewing Weekender 2018 Goodie Bags

Sew Me Sunshine have created sew-in tags for attendees to add to their Weekender projects (plus provided a discount code):

Sewing Weekender 2018 Goodie Bags

Prym have provided attendees with handy thread cutters:

Sewing Weekender 2018 Goodie Bags

Pavilion have provided a shibori project from their recent release about Indigo dyeing:

Sewing Weekender 2018 Goodie Bags

Phew, time to put on my frock and get ready for arrival time!

Sewing Weekender 2018 Goodie Bags

Sewing Weekender 2018 Goodie Bags


Quick Sewing for a Busy Month (Shirt No.1)

100 Acts of Sewing Shirt No.1

I haven’t had a lot of time for sewing lately; July-August is always the busiest time of the year for me at work, and there’s always lots going on at home too. Even more so this year, as there have been job interviews to prepare for, there’s a family wedding coming up (I’m just returned home from the hen-do), and the Association of Guilds of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers, of which I’m a member of the GPC, has been busy hosting it’s biannual National Exhibition.

100 Acts of Sewing Shirt No.1

I have however been making time for those hobbies which are more naturally carried out in fits and starts, and while commuting. I recently picked back up a summer, linen yarn, cardigan which I started last year, and am making good progress – although possibly not good enough to actually wear it this year. I’ve also been reading lots of novels.

100 Acts of Sewing Shirt No.1

I was a very bookish child/teenager and studied English Literature at University, so I’ve always previously read large quantities of books. I also read quite quickly; I retain a feeling of self-satisfaction that, when I read the Lord of the Rings Trilogy (I’ve only read it once), I read the three books within a week (admittedly, I was on holiday with my family at the time, and don’t think I did much else except eat and swim). These days, I tend to have periods where I devour books, interspersed by sometimes long periods where I stick to reading blogs and magazines.

Amongst the novels I have greedily devoured recently are Nancy Mitford’s (specifically The Pursuit of Love and Love in a Cold Climate), which I am reading for the first time and enjoying every minute of. The little world they inhabit is completely un-PC, but also completely accepting and affectionate of human nature.

100 Acts of Sewing Shirt No.1

To accompany my ramblings, a quick sewing project for a busy month! This is the Shirt No.1 from 100 Acts of Sewing / Sonya Philip. Sewing projects don’t get much quicker than this – which consists of a single pattern piece – to prepare or sew. Unsurprisingly, this pattern works best in a drapey fabric, and I think the fabric used here (a linen-blend from Sew Me Something) probably has a tad too much body. I’m planning to sew a couple of these tops using some of the completely impractical but (to me) irresistible sequin fabrics I always get tempted by in Barry’s Fabrics; the simplicity of the design should be great for showcasing them, and limit the number of sequinned seams I have to sew.

P.S. Excuse the disheveled hair (humidity) and disheveled shirt (post-suitcase).

100 Acts of Sewing Shirt No.1


SewBrum 2018 – Hold the Date

SewBrum 2018 Logo

The SewBrum meet-up will be returning for a fifth year on Saturday 27 October!

Sign-up is now open (to give us an idea of numbers to expect): Sign Up Here!

There’s lots of information about the last four SewBrum events on the events page, including my wrap-up posts about the 201720162015, and 2014 meet-ups!

I really hope that lots of you can make it again this year x

♥ What? ♥

A (free-to-attend) meet-up of people who love to sew. Everyone is welcome, just sign-up using the form above/below to give us an idea of numbers.

♥ Itinerary ♥

The planned itinerary for Saturday 27th October is below. Attendees can feel free to dip in and out, or only attend for part of the day.

10:00 – 11:00: Meet at John Lewis Cafe & Haberdashery

We’ll be meeting in John Lewis Cafe (The Place to Eat), where we’ll be able to drink tea and/or eat brunch while everyone arrives. We’ll also be able to shop in the Haberdashery, which is located on the same floor as the cafe (4th floor).

P.S. If you’re arriving by train, John Lewis is located in the same building as New Street Station – and the other stations (Moor Street and Snow Hill) are only a 10-15 minute walk.

P.P.S John Lewis opens at 9am for anyone arriving early.

11:00 – 13:00Birmingham Rag Market & Fabric Shops

We’ll spend a couple of hours shopping for fabric at the Rag Market and nearby fabric shops Barry’s Fabric & Fancy Silk Store (who are also on Facebook).

13:00 – 13:30: Reconvene and travel to Moseley Village (Guthrie & Ghani) by bus

The journey between the city centre and Moseley only takes 15 minutes by bus, and buses are every 5-10 minutes.

13:30 – 17:00Guthrie & Ghani / Lunch

At Guthrie & Ghani we’ll have time in the shop which sells a wide range of sewing and knitting supplies, and we’ll have use of the studio above the shop where we will be able to natter, compare purchases, hold a pattern & fabric swap, and take part in a charity raffle.

Attendees can also grab lunch at one of the nearby pubs or cafes. The Village and The Dark Horse bar/restaurant are both a couple of minutes walk from Guthrie & Ghani, and there are lots of other options available within Moseley Village.

♥ Sign-Up Form ♥

If you’re planning to attend the 2018 meet-up let us know by filling in the Sign Up Form.

Everyone will be welcome. Hope you can make it x

Logo by illustrator and sewist Maike Plenzke.


In The Folds Jumpsuit

In The Folds Peppermint Magazine Jumpsuit

It’s been a weekend of staring at computer screens, but I wanted to squeeze in a quick blog post before the weekend is out.

I was in the office Saturday and Sunday this weekend for a software upgrade – not as bad as it sounds as the team are lovely, we had a suitable supply of chocolate and cake (kinder eggs included), and ordered in lunch. I have however been robbed of my weekly lie-ins, so we’ll see how I’m feeling by next Friday when I’ve done twelve consecutive 6am starts.

In The Folds Peppermint Magazine Jumpsuit

I recently started studying an undergraduate degree in IT one day per week, in the hope of being less bamboozled by my colleagues in future. For some reason, I decided it would be a good idea to try to fix an EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING log-in page issue, which has been bugging me for a week, on my return home from work this evening. I’m still at that stage where I understand so little that I quickly feel overwhelmed and slightly panicky, but I guess I’ll get to the stage where it all becomes a little clearer, and where I waste less time going around in circles, eventually.

In The Folds Peppermint Magazine Jumpsuit

I thought it best to end the week with something much more familiar; blogging about sewing. This is the (free) Jumpsuit pattern by In the Folds, in collaboration with Peppermint Magazine, in size B.

Like everyone else I was inspired by the pattern sample, and picked a similar fabric, a green chambray from Guthrie & Ghani, which my Mom treated me to during last year’s SewBrum meet-up. The fabric is very soft and has a lovely sheen. It is a little prone to creasing, which is exacerbated in these photos by the fact they were taken when I was hot and sweaty in Vietnam.

In The Folds Peppermint Magazine Jumpsuit

This jumpsuit is a suitably loose and comfy garment for travelling in. I like the contrast of the relatively-fitted bodice with the loose trousers, and the deep v of the back neckline. I decided part-way through the holiday that I much prefer the belt tied at the back.

In The Folds Peppermint Magazine Jumpsuit

I’m going to close the laptop and treat myself to an early night. See below for how quickly my blog photos degenerate when I have a boat practically to myself and baggy trousers to hop around in.

In The Folds Peppermint Magazine Jumpsuit

In The Folds Peppermint Magazine Jumpsuit

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The Sewing Weekender 2018 (Plus Vlog)

sewing weekender banner

The Sewing Weekender will be returning for a third year!

What:A sewing weekend break in Cambridge, UK

When:Saturday 25th – Sunday 26th August 2018

Tickets will go on sale on the morning of Thursday 31st May at 7am (BST). Full information on The Fold Line: https://thefoldline.com/the-sewing-weekender/

I’ve finally vlogged about last year’s event, including clips of attendees, of our lovely speakers and prefects, and of the preparations before everyone arrives on Saturday morning (at speed!).

As in previous years, our venue, Murray Edwards College in Cambridge, will be transformed into a sewing room for the weekend. Attendees can get stuck into a sewing project, chat to friends, drink plenty of tea, and participate in talks and workshops from fellow sewing bloggers and independent business owners.

The key differences this year, are that we have increased capacity (by hiring an additional room) and that we’ll be having lunch on Saturday in the College canteen. We are hoping that lots of you will want to join us again this year, and that the additional tickets will mean less people end up disappointed at not being able to buy a ticket (last year, the tickets went on sale as I boarded the train to work, and were sold out before I got off the train, 20 minutes later). We’ve decided to include lunch, because last year the heavens opened exactly when we all left the College to walk into town for lunch and we got drenched! It also makes it much easier to sit down for lunch as a group.

One thing I wanted to note before tickets go on sale on Thursday, is that the tickets are more expensive this year. Ever since the first Sewing Weekender two years ago, we’ve kept ticket prices as low as possible (we pay ourselves very little for our time). The increased cost of tickets is due to increased costs of organising the event, plus the fact that we are reliant on sponsorship to keep ticket prices down. I always think it’s difficult to estimate the actual cost of an event unless you are involved in organising something similar, and I thought it was worth stating that this increase to the ticket price isn’t about us benefiting from the event’s previous popularity (which I think would be justified, as a lot of work goes into the preparation), it’s about us realistically covering costs.

If you’re considering attending and want more information, you can read: my wrap-up of the 2017 event / attendee reviews of the 2017 event / my wrap-up of the 2016 eventattendee reviews of the 2016 event