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Literary Festival Lino Poster

A friend who has been involved in organising a literary festival asked if I’d like to create a lino-print poster for the event. This is what I came up with. All of the elements of the image (excluding the date) were printed from lino blocks but were then compiled together in Photoshop and the colours adjusted to match the colour scheme used in the official event advertising.
Book to the Future Literary Festival Poster


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If You Don’t Already Love Luke Drozd’s Art You Will Soon

I’m indebted to Luke Drozd for supplying some amazing prints for the charity event me and colleagues organised recently. I was particularly excited to receive donations from Luke as I’m a huge fan. Not only is Luke generous he also produces some truly lovely screen prints.

Judging by recent updates to his blog & Facebook page, he’s also very busy at the moment. He has an exhibition of fine art at York College Gallery, he’s just published a book of comic strips, Dark Days and Other Tales (complete with button badge),  and he’s created some lovely screen printed band posters, including gorgeous festival posters for New Order & Graham Coxon (pictured below – images courtesy of Luke Drozd).

Luke posts on various social media sites so you can follow what he’s up to & get your debit card at the ready when a new poster is released. Why not like him on Facebook  or Twitter right now. He happens to be pretty damn funny as well so you can’t go wrong.

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My beautiful Alien Corset (print)

Me and Phil are big fans of Alien Corset’s film posters for the Castro Theatre in San Francisco. Last month we treated ourselves to one of his latest batch of prints, a lovely red and gold Metropolis poster, which arrived in the post this week.

Alien Corset Metropolis Castro Theatre Poster

Alien Corset Metropolis Castro Theatre Poster