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Homemade Floral (and Other!) Brooch Selection

Over Christmas I designed and made a selection of brooches, many of which were designed as presents for family and friends. Pictures of some of the brooches are included below. Quite a few of the brooches were on a floral or natural theme (flowers, leaves), but I also  created some other badges too, including a little Olympic Trip camera and umbrella ghost. These are also available from my Etsy shop. Each badge is a printed Shrinky Dink which has been embossed to achieve a nice glossy finish and make the brooch waterproof.

Handmade Cosmos Plastic Brooch
Umbrella Ghost Handmade Plastic Brooch
Handmade Plastic Olympus Trip Retro Camera Brooch
Handmade Narcissus Plastic Brooch
Handmade Maple Leaf Brooch


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Handmade Leaf Brooches

Handmade Plastic Leaf Brooch

I’ve been developing a number of designs for shrink-plastic badges recently.

Pictured are a number of leaf badges I created this weekend. The designs were printed on inkjet-friendly shrink plastic and then embossed to achieve a glossy effect and ensure the badges were waterproof.

The leaves these are based on were collected during a cycle around a local park.

Handmade Plastic Leaf Brooch
Handmade Plastic Leaf Brooches
Handmade Plastic Leaf Brooch