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Giveaway: Geek Chic Panda Sewing Kit

Geek Chic Panda Sewing Kits
I designed my first sewing pattern! It’s a simple pattern to make your own Geek Chic Panda – a soft toy I designed and sell in my Etsy store. As well as selling the pandas (handmade by me) I’m now selling make it yourself sewing kits. The kits contain the supplies you need to create your own Geek Chic Panda:

  • Instructions & sewing pattern;
  • All the required fabric (cotton), including a piece of fabric with a screen printed panda face;
  • Toy stuffing (100% polyester);
  • A woven English Girl at Home tag.

Geek Chic Panda Sewing Kits
I’ve been planning to make sewing kits for some time, having been asked by a few customers at craft fairs last year. The kits make it nice and easy for sewing beginners to make a toy due to their simple design and the inclusion of supplies, and they’re a super quick make for anyone with sewing experience.

The Geek Chic Panda kits come in two designs – with Glasses, or with a Bow Tie. Want to see what the finished pandas look like? Here they are:)
Hand Screen printed Plush Panda

Homemade Toy Panda Plush
So, how do you win one? I’m giving away one Geek Chic Panda sewing kit. To enter the giveaway leave a comment below.

The giveaway will be open until 22:00 (UK time) on Monday 14th April and is open internationally. I will pick a winner at random.

For more information about the kits, visit my Etsy shop.



Handmade Cards for Phil

Yesterday morning I had to pop to the doctor’s before work for a regular blood-pressure check. I was wearing the brooch I made at the Made in the Middle Craft Taster day and the doctor asked me about it. Well, that quickly led to a discussion about craft and sewing. The doctor was getting into craft (she’d just bought her first issue of Making magazine and a sewing machine) and I attempted to provide some tips on taking up her curtains and easy starter sewing patterns. I’m not sure if it’s a sign of how popular craft has become or just a sign that I’m so obsessed I manage to bring every conversation (even a medical consultation!) around to sewing… anyway it wasn’t a bad start to the day.

I spotted a couple of interesting links out and about on the web today:

  • I spotted an interesting post on Craftsy about independent sewing pattern designers.
  • Colette patterns have posted the short listed entries to the Laurel contest. Luckily they are asking readers to vote for 5 entries, there’s no way I could pick just one!

Now for the real subject of this post, the handmade birthday cards I made for Phil over the last few years. I only just rediscovered these in a box under our bed recently so haven’t posted pictures of any of these before. A couple are looking a little worse for wear for being squashed under the bed…

Shamefully I made all of these before me and Phil moved in together. Since we bought our house I’ve not made him a decent card. The excuse for this is that it’s difficult to secretly make him a card when we’re both in the house. Truthfully though I could sneak up stairs for an hour or so. I’ll try to ensure I make the effort this year.

Home Made Card

Home Made Card
Two Doraemon cards – one in felt and one in paper

Home Made Card
Superman card

Home Made Card
KISS Paul Stanley card

Home Made Card
This is the piece de résistance, a recreation of a famous anti-drugs Green Lantern/Green Arrow cover. I continued the comic theme on the inside with speech bubble text boxes.

Home Made Card

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I work at a University which means I get nice long holidays at Christmas and Easter; I usually set myself a craft project or two which I might not get time for otherwise. Last Christmas I decided to have a go at papercutting. My three first (and only) attempts are enclosed below. I keep meaning to get my craft knife back out and have a go at some other images.

Based on an advertising art image:

 My first attempt at a papercut

Based on a drawing of Wonder Woman by Darwyn Cooke:

Wonder Woman papercut

Based on a crane image on the title page of an old book:

Crane papercut

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Retro 8 bit Mario embroidery

I thought I’d create a gaming inspired embroidery for my manager’s Christmas gift. I decided that trying to embroider an image from a recent game might be too much of a challenge so I decided to go retro and created this 8 bit Mario for him instead. I might give Princess Peach a go next.
Retro 8 bit Mario embroidery
Retro 8 bit Mario embroidery
Retro 8 bit Mario embroidery