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Me May Made Reflections

Me Made May 2014 Wardrobe
The image above shows the me-mades I wore during Me Made May (which is the same as saying the entirety of the me-made section of my wardrobe). I’m pretty pleased with the showing given that one year ago during May 2013 my me-made clothing consisted only of one Sorbetto and one vintage dress. I’d say that’s not too bad sewing for one year – it meant I had enough clothes to wear one handmade item everyday during May, something that was impossible last year. With that in mind I’m hoping by May next year to up my game during Me Made May and wear no RTW at all – we’ll see how things go.

Taking part in MMM has shown me that I actually have a fairly balanced handmade wardrobe – there’s an ok mixture of dresses, tops and skirts. However, I actually wear dresses a lot – my casual RTW dresses get tons of wear – so I think I need to make a few more dresses this year (can’t complain about that;)).

The days I found most difficult during MMM were the working from home / lazing in the house days as I don’t have many very casual me mades. Easily corrected by making up a few tees and some comfy trousers (although I’m definitely prioritising new dresses over house clothes!)

I really enjoyed participating in MMM for the first time this year. It made getting dressed interesting, made me dig some unloved makes out of the wardrobe and realise that actually they look fine, and inspired me to wear all of my me mades, not just my favourites.



Me Made May Week 3

I came down with a cold on Sunday so am a bit behind with the round up of last week’s Me Made May outfits. Week 3 included a couple of very exciting sewing-related events – attending a book signing for Love at First Stitch, and the #NYlon2014 meet-up.
Me Made May 2014
12/05: Burda Waterfall Top to the office
Me Made May 2014
13/05: Star Trek mini-skirt
Me Made May 2014
14/05: Floral Coco Dress
Me Made May 2014
Me Made May 2014
15/05: Started the day in a Sorbetto while working from home, then dressed up in an (unblogged) Mimi Blouse & Zinnia skirt to get my copy of Love at First Stitch signed by Tilly at Guthrie & Ghani
Me Made May 2014
Charity shop haul
16/05: Crazy Horses Anna Dress to meet a friend for charity-shop-shopping. I came back with quite a haul!
NYlon2014 London Sewing Meet Up
17/05: Oh yes! London meet-up on Saturday. I wore my name tag (made for me by Ingrid), Victoria Blazer & a self-drafted dress
Me Made May 2014
18/05: On Sunday I wore this tea dress from the GBSB book to Ikea and to do the housework

We’re now half way through week 4 and I still haven’t worn all of my me-mades yet so It’s feeling like a successful first MMM for me.


Me Made May Week 2

I’m pleased to be able to report that I actually have more me-made clothes than I realised. I completed a second week wearing one hand-made item every day (but mixing them with RTW as I still don’t have enough for a full wardrobe) without any repeats. On to week 3!
Me Made May 2014
05/05: PJs (Sorbetto Top & trousers from the Great British Sewing Bee book) for a lazy bank holiday Monday
Me Made May 2014
06/05: Christmas Day Anna Dress to the office
Me Made May 2014
07/05: Mathilde Blouse (and even ironed it before leaving for work, and I leave the house EARLY)
Me Made May 2014
08/05: Brigitte Scarf to celebrate the Love at First Stitch launch day & my Hotel Room Victoria Blazer
Me Made May 2014
09/05: Working from home day so I had a mooch in the closet & rediscovered this unloved Taffy Blouse.
Me Made May 2014
10/05: Meeting my friend Michelle in town for vintage fair & fabric shopping so I dressed up in my brand new Zinnia.
Me Made May 2014
11/05: Cleaning the house in a Blouse with Peter Pan collar