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Showing off my Kinky Knickers

If you live in the UK you’ll already have heard of Kinky Knickers. They’re a new brand launched by Mary Portas – a retail expert and TV star – with the intention of creating a product which is made entirely in the UK. The aim of the show was to demonstrate that it is possible to manufacture clothing in the UK, and in doing so create jobs in areas of the country with high unemployment. Despite the fact that Britain used to have a huge manufacturing industry very little clothing is currently produced here. During the show Mary had a lot of trouble finding manufacturers still producing the raw products – the stretch and edging lace – to make the knickers.

Due to the TV show  the knickers have been a big success and (and partly due to the fact that the company started out with only 7 trainee machinists) have consistently sold out. I managed to get my hands on a single pink pair which are pictured below, along with the brand’s fabulous retro packaging.

Pink Kinky Knickers

Pink Kinky Knickers