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Cutting Up Comics ! A cheap alternative to picture mounting

I know this might cause some people physical pain but I just spent an evening cutting up comics! It was for a good cause, to make a background for a brilliant Nick Henderson Batman print – as an alternative to having a mount cut to size. It’s a cheap and easy alternative as all you need to do is cut out images, arrange as required and stick onto the paper sheet included inside picture frames, which are already cut to size.

Picture Mounting

The comics picked for dismemberment included a reprint of a golden age Batman comic which included the following amazing panels. I can’t resist a picture of Bruce Wayne smoking a pipe:)

Golden Age Batman

Golden Age Batman

Here is the finished article – the print on its completed background.

Nick Henderson Batman Print

And here’s a close-up of the Nick Henderson print itself. Awesome:)

Nick Henderson Batman Print

This will be joining a Henderson Spider Man print which we’ve already backed in the same style, and which hangs in our study.
Spiderman print