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Handmade Adventure Time Plush – Wobbly Arm Jake

Handmade Plush Jake from Adventure Time

This Christmas I made a plush Jake from Adventure Time for Phil. He has wobbly arms like Jake often does while singing or showing off in the show! His face is screen printed and he’s made using a yellow cotton.

Handmade Plush Jake from Adventure Time
Handmade Plush Jake from Adventure Time



Geeky Cartoon Brooches

I’m a bit obsessed with shrinky dinks at the moment, so I made a few plastic badges as presents this Christmas.

Phil received two badges amongst his presents, although they were a bit late as I hadn’t gotten around to affixing the badge backs! His badges feature characters from our two favourite cartoons at the moment, Regular Show & Adventure Time.

Handmade Rigby Regular Show Brooch
Handmade Jake Adventure Time Brooch