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Chinese Character Door Mat Version 2

Chinese Character Screenprinted Door Mat
Last weekend I tried out a revised design for a Chinese character door mat, this time using just two characters, 欢迎 meaning welcome. I also went for larger sized characters than in my previous design.

Chinese Character Screenprinted Door Mat


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这是我 的作业:

上个星期六早上十点半就 我开车去了Barber Institute美术馆在伯明翰的大学。 我上利诺雕刻印刷的课。 课的话题是中国的艺术, 因为上个星期是中国新年。 我和我的同学去Barber 美术馆看中国的艺术, 然后我们画了一幅图。 我画了福的汉字和梅花盛开。 这是我的印刷!
福 Fu Chinese character linocut print

A more detailed version of this post is available in English, here

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我的花园 – practicing my Mandarin

My Mandarin teacher asked the class to each try and write a few sentences every few days. I thought I might post my attempts on the blog , as a way of encouraging me to do it. Let me know if you spot any errors! As you can see these posts are necessarily going to be a bit simplistic!

今天气温的伯明翰很冷了。今天早上我的花园 有霜, 园是白色。 很漂亮可是很冷!



[The temperature today in Birmingham is very cold. This morning my garden was frosty and white. It was very pretty but very cold!

The two ponds in my garden were both frozen.

Walking into work, I needed my hat.]

Selly Oak Park in January