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Screen printed tees for a brother who has everything

It’s my brother’s birthday today. When we were younger it used to be really easy to buy him presents because we never had enough money to buy all the things we wanted, but now he has enough money to buy himself all the games & clothes he wants so he’s really difficult to buy presents for! This year I decided to screen print two tees for him instead.  I picked two characters he’s loved for a long time – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s Little Prince and Ark, from the SNES RPG Terranigma.

Test print of the Little Prince:

Little Prince Screen Print

The Little Prince tee:

Little Prince Screen Printed Tee

Ark from Terranigma test print:

Screen Printed Ark from Terranigma

Ark from Terranigma tee:

Terranigma Screen Printed Tee


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Chinese shorts

For Chinese New Year Kino10, a local organisation who specialise in short film screenings, organised a programme of Chinese short film screenings at the Barber Institute. Unfortunately we already had plans so couldn’t get there, but a number of the films screened are available online. Here are a couple of  my favourites:

Hua Yang De Nian Hua, Wong Kar-Wai, 2001

Wong Kar-Wai is one of my favourite directors (Happy Together is my favourite of his films). This short, originally screened at the 2001 Berlin Film Festival, is a montage of clips from films thought to be lost, but rediscovered during the 1990s. After the rediscovery of the lost scenes from Metropolis, something I never imagined would happen, I personally have high hopes for many, many more lost films to be rediscovered.



G.U.4, Nixon Leung, 2009

As a gamer I love this love song to retro gaming. It makes me regret I don’t manage to get more time for gaming. I used to set aside Sunday evening as dedicated gaming time, but don’t even seem to manage that now….


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Retro 8 bit Mario embroidery

I thought I’d create a gaming inspired embroidery for my manager’s Christmas gift. I decided that trying to embroider an image from a recent game might be too much of a challenge so I decided to go retro and created this 8 bit Mario for him instead. I might give Princess Peach a go next.
Retro 8 bit Mario embroidery
Retro 8 bit Mario embroidery
Retro 8 bit Mario embroidery