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Pink Velvet, Zigzag & Ruffle Freya Dress


Tilly & the Buttons Freya Dress

I do try to avoid buying fabric if I can’t immediately think of a project I want to make with it. This fabric, however, was one of the occasions when that logic went out of the window. On a whim (partly because it was cheap), I bought a large off-cut of this fabric from Birmingham Rag Market – a pink velvet knit with a large scale zigzag. The fabric has sat in my stash every since as I had no idea what on earth to do with it.

Tilly & the Buttons Freya Dress

I only have a relatively small amount of knit fabrics, and this was one of my few dress length options, so I decided to give it a try in order to sew a Freya Dress (From Tilly & the Button’s Stretch) from stash fabric. I actually think it turned out pretty well, even though it looks somewhat circus themed, an impression the ruffle definitely adds to.

Tilly & the Buttons Freya Dress

I graded between sizes 2 and 3, but will size up to a 3 throughout next time as I have limited ease at the bust and upper arms despite sewing a narrow seam allowance. I’m definitely going to sew the Freya Dress again (including that adorable ruffle) in an office appropriate fabric. For reference, I cut the fabric strip for my ruffle 74cm long (Tilly explains how to measure your preferred length rather than specifying a measurement).

Tilly & the Buttons Freya Dress

These photos are the first blog photos I’ve ever taken myself (using my phone as a remote) as opposed to asking Phil to take them. They turned out ok, but I found it really hard not to frown with concentration, and it took so much longer. I’ll suspect I’ll go back to bothering Phil next time.

Tilly & the Buttons Freya Dress


Author: Charlotte

Sewist, crafter & blogger, based in Birmingham, England. I'm spending the year growing and gathering to create natural dyes and enhance my sewing projects. Find me at www.englishgirlathome.com

6 thoughts on “Pink Velvet, Zigzag & Ruffle Freya Dress

  1. Dearest Charlotte,
    I remember when you bought this fabric and have been patiently waiting to see what you make with it! I adore your Freya, the ruffled neckline is really special and the fit is awesome on you! I really wish I had bought some of that fabric is well, but back then I was terrified of velvet….

  2. That’s a great version Charlotte really different and I think it looks great on you.

  3. Looks lovely !

  4. I’ve now ordered the book given all the lovely versions of this I’ve seen. I’m looking forward to making this and hope it turns out as nice as yours.

  5. Charlotte this is amazing! Think it might be my favourite Freya dress yet 🙂 The fabric is so perfect and gives it a certain edge to quite a ‘pretty’ style of dress. I really love it and think I might have to invest in a copy of the book for myself (maybe I’m the only sewist who hasn’t done so yet? haha) x

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