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Sallie Jumpsuit


Closet Case Patterns Sallie Jumpsuit

This garment is a good example of how my pattern queue often works. I purchased the Closet Case Patterns Sallie Jumpsuit pattern on release, and picked up this medium-weight knit fabric from the Goldhawk Road (which is more green in real life) not long after. Despite having pattern and fabric paired ready to sew, they waited for over a year and half before making it to the front of the queue and the sewing machine.

Closet Case Patterns Sallie Jumpsuit

When I did finally decide to give Sallie my attention it was with typically spur of the moment urgency. I had leaving do drinks to attend at work and decided I urgently needed to wear this exact outfit. It’s actually a quick sew – I made this up in two or three evenings after work.

Closet Case Patterns Sallie Jumpsuit

Because I was sewing at speed in the evenings with minimal light, I initially attached the bodice ‘inside out’; the bodice main and lining pieces are almost identical, but the lining side is slightly smaller so that the seam allowance rolls to the inside. In my case it was initially rolling to the outside, so I went back and fixed the issue – post work night out.

Closet Case Patterns Sallie Jumpsuit

This fabric has a tendency to show lumps, bumps and panty lines. Next time I’d reduce this by using a fabric which is thicker, patterned or drapeier, and I would probably also raise the front neckline. I fancy trying Sallie with a modified rounded neckline.

Closet Case Patterns Sallie Jumpsuit

These photos were taken the day after my brother’s wedding, on the roof of the venue. I think Sallie is a perfect lounging around outfit, since the knit fabric means it is super comfortable. Phil however thinks it looks like I’m en route to a 70s disco.

Closet Case Patterns Sallie Jumpsuit

Closet Case Patterns Sallie Jumpsuit

Closet Case Patterns Sallie Jumpsuit

Closet Case Patterns Sallie Jumpsuit

Closet Case Patterns Sallie Jumpsuit

Closet Case Patterns Sallie Jumpsuit

Closet Case Patterns Sallie Jumpsuit


Author: Charlotte

Sewist, crafter & blogger, based in Birmingham, England. I'm spending the year growing and gathering to create natural dyes and enhance my sewing projects. Find me at www.englishgirlathome.com

8 thoughts on “Sallie Jumpsuit

  1. Such a pretty colour. I’m with you on raising the neckline a little for your next one. I think you look really cool and I imagine any disco never-mind a 1970’s disco would be a lot of fun with this outfit on!!

  2. I like it and the colour is beautiful on you Frankie

  3. Omg! Lovely photos ! I just posted another travel post! I hope to hear from you! xoxo! https://thelostmango.com

  4. I used to wear a similar jumpsuit IN the ’70s! I didn’t remember that until I read your partner’s comment 🙂 I love it though and I actually wore that jumpsuit completely to rags. It was so comfortable! I love the tie at the neckline and actually that V neck suits you I think.

  5. It’s lovely! Disco or not, it looks wildly comfortable – and isn’t that the whole point with a jersey jumpsuit?

  6. I very much like this and can see it in all sorts of fabric. Lovely!

  7. This is very pretty! I might make it with slimmer legs, myself. I’m short so I often get swallowed by wide legs.

  8. I do like the ties at the neck. My Asian friends have ties with beads and tassels on their sari blouses which I love and think would look very pretty as an addition to your jump suit.

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