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British Fabrics Haul Vlog


British Fabrics

For the latest vlog, I’ve filmed a guide to sources of British-made fabrics. It was a perfect excuse to order lots of swatches!

You can view the vlog here:

For more info on British-made fabrics, see my list of British fibres, fabrics & haberdashery supplies.

British Fabrics

British Fabrics

British Fabrics

British Fabrics

British Fabrics

British Fabrics

British Fabrics

British Fabrics

British Fabrics


Author: Charlotte

Sewist, crafter & blogger, based in Birmingham, England. I'm spending the year growing and gathering to create natural dyes and enhance my sewing projects. Find me at www.englishgirlathome.com

15 thoughts on “British Fabrics Haul Vlog

  1. There are some gorgeous fabrics available.

  2. Thank you! This was interesting, educational and inspirational. I’ve looked at my local fibershed (in Oregon, US), and it’s appallingly sparse. We do have plenty of raw wool and yarn, but I can’t find fabric closer than 600 miles.

    • Thanks so much. Yarn is definitely easier to source locally, and where I am based in the UK (Birmingham) has never been a centre of textile production, so I did look at what was produced across the country for my #1year1outfit contribution, which gave me a lot more scope!

  3. Thank you! This vlog was educational and inspirational! I’ve looked at my local fibershed, and it’s appallingly sparse. We can get raw wool and yarn, but I have to go 600 miles for fabric.

  4. Wow! Beautiful fabrics! Taking a trip to Scotland this fall and can’t wait to poke around for fabric. You have inspired me to dye some fabric and possibly learn to knit as well. Thanks for the vlog, keep them coming! Love from Washington State USA —

  5. Thank you for putting together the vlog. There are such a lovely collection of fabrics and it is often different to get a feel for fabric weight and thickness when buying from the internet. I also love your pink coat. Where did you get the thinsulate from?

  6. Loved this video Charlotte, thank you so much! It was really interesting and I’m actually look for some tweed to make a bag (the Taylor Tailor Desmond backpack), most likely a herringbone. I was just wondering, of the two Ardalanish swatches that you hold up, which one is the lighter one? Is that the Natural shade of their Diamond Twills Tweed, or a different shade? So many lovely designs on Dashing Tweeds! And there are many that take my fancy on Fabworks. I’m definitely buying some wool from someone. Also really need to purchase something from Beyond Measure, I’ve just been crippled by indecision.

    • Thank you lovely x The Ardalanish swatches were: Diamond Twills Tweeds, Pebble & Silver Keystone. Can’t wait to see the backpack – I love that pattern and it will look AMAZING in a tweed. x

  7. Really enjoyed watching this – thanks very much.

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