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Sudley – Two Ways


Megan Nielsen Sudley

I recently had the opportunity to pattern test the Sudley blouse/dress pattern for Megan Nielsen (test version blogged here). As soon as I finished my test version (in a cotton lawn), I decided I wanted to make the pattern again in a drapier fabric.

Megan Nielsen Sudley

Megan Nielsen Sudley

I picked up this gold knit fabric at Birmingham Rag Market on a recent trip with a few local sewists (organised by Rachel), and thought it might be a good candidate for a Sudley Dress. The fabric was £2 per metre and is a relatively heavy knit with a lot of drape, and a slightly metallic texture and shine. I actually used the reverse of the fabric, as I thought it had a more unusual colour and pattern than the right side.

Megan Nielsen Sudley

Megan Nielsen Sudley

The Sudley pattern is designed for wovens, but it’s a good candidate for substituting for knits due to the loose fit and absence of darts or fastenings. I made Version 3 in size XS, with the sleeves from Version 1. I only made one change to the pattern/construction as a result of using a knit fabric; the pattern instructs you prepare skirts pieces in both main and lining fabrics and attach these to the main and lining bodices respectively. Due to the weight of my fabric, I felt that the weight of the skirt piece was likely to stretch out the bodice, so I only cut a skirt in the main fabric (not the lining) and attached this to both main and lining bodices for extra support. As suggested by the pattern, I cinched in the waist of the dress by attaching elastic around the waistband.

I think the resulting dress actually has a similar silhouette to Colette’s Moneta pattern. I forgot to get any photos of the dress worn in reverse (it is reversible, so the keyhole can be worn at the front).

Megan Nielsen Sudley

Megan Nielsen Sudley

Having completed this dress version, I couldn’t resist also making the blouse Version 1 (minus the collar) so that I could enter the Monthly Stitch’s current Indie Pattern Month, One Pattern, Two Ways contest! I really love the contrast between these two versions.

Megan Nielsen Sudley

Megan Nielsen Sudley

This version is made in stash fabric, purchased as a coupon in Paris a few years ago. The fabric is a border print and I only had scraps left so couldn’t continue the pattern across both sides, but I like the contrast of the finished result. The fabric is beautifully soft and I’ve been hording these last scraps for ages – I only have tiny pieces left but haven’t been able to bring myself to throw them away yet, maybe I’ll be able to use them as a pocket lining!

Megan Nielsen Sudley

Megan Nielsen Sudley

I hand-stitched the blouse and sleeve hems by hand. I thought I’d ignore the instructions for finishing the neckline and keyhole opening and instead turn twice and hand stitch. The finished result looked puckered so I had to rip-out that hand stitching and instead created a facing – which was much more successful. I reduced the depth of the keyhole opening slightly on this version as I find it slightly low for the office on the dress version (although I wore it that way ’round regardless today!).

Megan Nielsen Sudley

I’m looking forward to wearing both of these to work this week – I can never resist wearing new garments the instant that they are finished!

Author: Charlotte

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6 thoughts on “Sudley – Two Ways

  1. This pattern is in the pile waiting to be made. I might have to think about making it more quickly as your versions are lovely.

  2. Two successes! Love the backs and I think this pattern really suits you. I’m looking for a pattern for a maxi dress and this Igbo fit the bill.

  3. These are both lovely and so different from each other. Great idea to use the knit, it makes a perfect dress.

  4. Love both versions! But what do you mean when you say you bought coupon fabric in Paris? Did you literally have a coupon for a store in Paris?

  5. Love both of these. I wasn’t hugely sold on this pattern initially, but you are really changing my mind on this! I particularly love the jersey version.

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