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The Sewing Weekender Launch


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I’m very excited to finally announce what Rachel and Kate from The Fold Line, and I, have been up to for the last few weeks. We are hosting a UK sewing holiday, a weekend break which will take place in Cambridge during August 2016.

Full information about the event, including ticket sales, and the schedule is available on the Event Page hosted on The Fold Line. Tickets are on sale now!

Here on my own blog I wanted to say a little about how the event came about.

I’m always really tempted by sewing (and knitting) holidays, but haven’t, so far, been able to attend one. If they are not in the UK there’s inevitably travel costs and time off work required (If I were single I’d totally go for it, but it’s not so easy to justify to Phil when we could instead go on holiday together…!) Those sewing holidays which are in the UK often understandably cost a few hundred pounds due to the costs of tuition, meals and accommodation.

So, The Sewing Weekender is a slightly different sewing holiday. We’re keeping things laid back and informal and as a result are keeping the price as affordable as possible. We’re also very lucky to have sponsorship from some great indie companies (full list here) which has also allowed us to keep ticket prices down.

Happily, Kate, Rachel and I were all thinking about sewing holidays at the same time so were able to team up to organise the Sewing Weekender!

I hope you’ll be as excited about the event as us. We’ve got a lovely venue booked, and are going to have plenty of time for chatting, tea, and sewing, plus great talks from fellow bloggers, and amazing goodie bags!

Full details and tickets available here.


Author: Charlotte

Sewist, crafter & blogger, based in Birmingham, England. I'm spending the year growing and gathering to create natural dyes and enhance my sewing projects. Find me at www.englishgirlathome.com

8 thoughts on “The Sewing Weekender Launch

  1. Oh this sounds AMAZING! Great idea guys 🙂

  2. An excellent idea! Thank you for organising, and at such a reasonable price. Already in talks with some sewing buddies about coming along. 😀

  3. Hi Charlotte,  hope you are well. This offer looks really good but am I reading this correct as it looks like all tickets and rooms have been sold out. Please can you confirm. Many thanks

  4. Oh wow! This sounds amazing! I am gutted I can’t make it as I’m already away that weekend. I think Freya plans to come on the Sunday if you have any tickets left closer to the date. It sounds idilic! If you have any plans to run another one do let us know and keep in touch- we’d love to get involved, wether it be running a workshop or demo, sponsoring the event in some way, although we’d be just as excited to come along as punters! We looked at running something similar at a venue in leicester but decided it was too much with the new business to do it right now. But if you would like any details of the venue we research and ideas, although you have plenty yourself, let us know. I’m sure we’ll se you before but hope it goes really well. Thanks so much with your help with our website shop launch. We’re showing the bee next Friday evening in the shop, if you fancy coming? It’s sew sociable after if you want to come to that too?

    best wishes, Sarah Crafty Sew&So

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  5. I was so excited when I saw this on thumbelinas blog but it seems to have been sold out before it was even publicised!bigger venue hopefully next time. And how do I get to know about it? I am a Fold Line member but nothing was circulated via there

    • Hi Ann,
      The event was launched at 7:45am on my blog, mine & the Fold Line’s social media accounts & the Fold Line forum – no one was given a heads up in advance, so those who got a ticket spotted the event in one of those places. It sold out by around 15:00. I’m sure we’ll be thinking about doing more events & how we might make more places available – but there is a limit on the number of sewing machines we can rent (attendees are already sharing one between two people) so increasing capacity would change the nature of the event itself. Sorry you weren’t able to get a ticket this time.
      Charlotte x

      • AH – I OBVIOUSLY CHECKED THE BLOG TOO EARLY!! Im now following your blog too ( via bloglovin) so hopefully may get to see it there next time. It doe show how good value you have made the event to sell out so quickly too. Do regs prevent people bringing their own machines for the future( I know health and safety can be a big constraint!) – this would at least help with that issue. Hope the event goes really well for you- its a big undertaking for the organisers. I will keep my fingers crossed and eyes open for the next one!

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