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A Naturally Dyed Wardrobe: Favourite Online Resources


Natural Dye Seeds

My dye plant seeds are sprouting!

As part of my #naturallydyedwardrobe project, I wanted to share some favourite online resources about natural dyeing:

Folk Fibers – I love both the beautiful naturally dyed products, and the blog posts about natural dyeing (use the search bar and keywords ‘natural dye’ to locate them). In particular, see the blog posts about dyeing with pomegranates, osage orange, red onion, yellow onion, and mushrooms.

The Botanical Colors website contains lots of information on natural dyes and how to use them, via the instructions section and blog. The shop (US-based) contains a wide range of natural dyeing supplies and workshops.

A Verb for Keeping Warm – The blog contains a huge amount of information on natural dyeing, including the work-along for the Modern Natural Dyer book.

Jenny Dean has written a number of excellent books on natural dyeing, and her blog also contains lots of detailed information about natural dyeing.

Various Woolful podcasts (and associated blog posts) focus on natural dyers.

A number of One Year One Outfit participants have been doing some really interesting natural dyeing with a focus on local plants, including: Nicki, Sue, Carolyn, and Mari.

Kelly Ruth creates a beautiful naturally dyed clothing line, available from her Etsy store.

The Wild Colours (UK-based) online shop is a good source of natural dye materials, and also contains lots of information about dyeing. A sister site, dedicated to Woad, also contains lots of background information.

I love the Seasonal Color Wheel, which depicts the dye colours produced from seasonal foods. I might attempt a sewing project inspired by it…

I’ll be back with my favorite books about natural dyeing soon.

Author: Charlotte

Sewist, crafter & blogger, based in Birmingham, England. I'm spending the year growing and gathering to create natural dyes and enhance my sewing projects. Find me at www.englishgirlathome.com

5 thoughts on “A Naturally Dyed Wardrobe: Favourite Online Resources

  1. Thanks so much for collecting and sharing this information. Good luck with your dying garden!

  2. Your dye garden looks very promising.

  3. Wonderful resources, thanks for sharing. Your seeds are certainly doing better than mine, my woad seeds have failed to sprout or perhaps the slugs got them!

  4. Have you ever visited Maiwa.com? Outstanding Canadian resource for natural dyestuffs and knowledge.

  5. Thank you for the resources – I am aware of several of them but not all. I also started a dye garden last year but my Japanese indigo didn’t last the few hot days that we had here in England when we were away and our garden caretaker forgot to water them! We are relocating to Portugal next year and so I shall start my dye garden again there properly.

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