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#SewingTop5 from Barbie, Sewing Blogger


#sewingtop5 - The Top 5 of 2015!

Happy New Year all. I have lots of recent makes to share, but first I need some sunlight and a gap in the rain. In the meantime, I’m handing over to Barbie, who you may not know is also a sewing blogger – previous post here, for her #sewingtop5.

Enjoy! (Just to note all photos are taken from two books: Barbie Fashion by Sarah Sink Eames, and Barbie: What a Doll by Laura Jacobs).

Over to Barbie:

Hi all, I’ve really excited to share with you some favorite makes that I added to my adorable pink plastic wardrobe this year, as well as a few misses which I’ve generously donated to Skipper.

Sewing Hits

Obviously I became obsessed with sewing lingerie this year. I found perfecting the fit quite difficult as no pattern seemed to accommodate a 39″ bust with an 18″ waist – I blame standardised sizing. However, once I had perfected the fit via 27 toiles, I made a set in every colour.

Images from Barbie Fashion, Sarah Eames

Despite having 36 sewing projects on the go at any one time, of course I became obsessed with knitting, and knit my first cardigans.

Images from Barbie Fashion, Sarah Eames

Inspired by Lauren, I made an Archer and a pair of Ginger Jeans. Sigh, I’m disappointed that I didn’t get that plaid matching quite right on the shirt front, and hopefully I can neaten my jeans top-stitching next time (#ablogogising).

Images from Barbie Fashion, Sarah Eames

I copied Zo, and made a cute blue raincoat. I also made a cardboard belt to pair with it, but sadly it didn’t last past the first downpour.

Images from Barbie Fashion, Sarah Eames

I got caught up in the 1970s trend, and made a 70s inspired outfit refashioned from some old curtains – I even found a use for the curtain tassles.

Images from Barbie: What a Doll

And finally, I made a number of garments as part of my Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge. Looking at these photos again I’ve realised that I may have an addiction to bows…

Images from Barbie: What a Doll

Images from Barbie: What a Doll

Images from Barbie: What a Doll

Sewing Misses

I also had a few sewing misses in 2015. At one point I mistakenly became convinced that 1980s/Jem was a good look for me. These garments have now been safely disposed of, and my hair has almost recovered from the electric shock treatments which I was undergoing to achieve the look.

Images from Barbie: What a Doll

Images from Barbie: What a Doll

My winter coat didn’t turn out as expected – although I may be able to reuse it as a Yeti costume next Halloween. I do think I might be onto something with the gold bow-tie and turban combo, no?

Images from Barbie: What a Doll

And I may have gotten a bit carried away with the horsehair canvas on my red dress. I’m thinking the dress could possibly be salvaged – but never the hat.

Images from Barbie: What a Doll


Author: Charlotte

Sewist, crafter & blogger, based in Birmingham, England. I'm spending the year growing and gathering to create natural dyes and enhance my sewing projects. Find me at www.englishgirlathome.com

12 thoughts on “#SewingTop5 from Barbie, Sewing Blogger

  1. BAHAHAHA! This is brilliant. Love every bit of it!

  2. Great work Barbie, don’t worry about those misses, your wardrobe is fantastic!

  3. Such patience , such fun

  4. A triumph – clearly Barbie will be a hot contender for sewing blogger of the year!

  5. Brilliant! I wish this was a real blog!!!

  6. This post made me smile LOTS!!!

  7. Haha! I kinda love the winter coat – would be perfect for me in Berlin right now!!

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