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Refashioners Shirt Dress


Refashioners 2015 Shirt Dress

Just in time, prior to the deadline, here’s my refashioners 2015 make. It’s photographed here at Les Invalides in Paris

Refashioners 2015 Shirt Dress

Refashioners 2015 Shirt Dress

Refashioners 2015 Shirt Dress

Les Invalides Paris

Les Invalides Paris

The top half of the dress is refashioned from a man’s shirt found in the Coventry British Heart Foundation shop, which is my favourite Coventry charity shop and a favourite place to visit during my lunch break.

Shirt Refashion - Before

To create the top of the dress, I retained a central panel including the collar and button placket, and then attached side panels and cuffs using fabric cut from the sleeves. You can see the three pieces I cut for each of the side panels below.

Shirt Refashion - Before

There wasn’t enough fabric left to make a skirt, so I used some stash fabric gifted to me ages ago by Ingrid. Given that Ingrid was one of this year’s featured refashioners I thought it was pretty appropriate;) To make the skirt I just cut a large rectangle of fabric and gathered it to fit the top part of the dress. I attached a row of elastic at the waist band to create a bit of definition.

Since it was pretty windy and bright at Les Invalides, I took a few extra photos in my garden at home.

Refashioners 2015 Shirt Dress

When I cut the central panel of the dress I retained half the pocket! Not necessarily that functional (although who actually uses their breast pocket?), but I think it’s pretty cute. I replaced the original shirt buttons with ceramic buttons made by a member of my Weavers, Spinners, and Dyers Guild.

Refashioners 2015 Shirt Dress

Refashioners 2015 Shirt Dress

Refashioners 2015 Shirt Dress

I have another couple of shirts waiting for a refashion; I just need to decide what to try next!


Author: Charlotte

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10 thoughts on “Refashioners Shirt Dress

  1. I love this. The colour is great! Lovely refashion. i was planning to join in with the refashion challenge, but I’ve run out of time! I’m enjoying all the inspiration, though!

  2. Great refashion. The colours are lovely. Xx

  3. Good work on the refashioning! It’s always nice to bring something old to new life again!

  4. Such a clever refashion, I really like the whole silhouette.

  5. love how you’ve played with the stripes

  6. Those side panels are super cool

  7. That’s a great refashion! I really like the way you laid the stripes 🙂

  8. Cool dress. I like how you’ve combined the prints and the cut of the sleeves.

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