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A few cool things you might enjoy reading about with a cup of tea this weekend:)

♥ I’ve recently backed two fantastic campaigns on Kickstarter. Scarves & Sustainability want to establish a business in Northern Ethiopia to support local women artisans and create two lines of hand-loomed scarves. The scarves are goooorgeous. There is loads of information on their campaign page. I’ve also backed a project to establish a Fair Trade Sewing Center in DR Congo. For this project you pledge to fund a bolt of fabric, an iron, cutting table or sewing machine! Love it:)

♥ Have you seen the Japanese/English language knitting magazine Amirisu? It’s free to read online, with patterns purchased separately. Issue 7 has just been released.

♥ BBC Woman’s Hour Daily Podcast recently interviewed Alexander McQueen’s sister and biographer (episode dated 23/03/15), and aired a ‘craft special’ episode (06/04/15).

♥ Speaking of McQueen, I really fancy the new biography Alexander McQueen: Blood Beneath the SkinThe price of the Kindle version is pretty reasonable.

♥ I’m looking forward to the release of the documentary film The True Cost on Friday 29th May, about the true cost of the fashion industry.

♥ Fringe Association have picked a gorgeous pattern for their Hatalong. You can download it free from the Hatalong page.

♥ Fair Trade International are planning some really exciting changes to how fabric is certified as fair trade, which will cover the full supply chain – great news.

♥ H&M’s 2014 sustainability report is worth a look.

Have a lovely weekend all. I can’t believe it’s less than a week now until Fashion Revolution Day!


Author: Charlotte

Sewist, crafter & blogger, based in Birmingham, England. I'm spending the year growing and gathering to create natural dyes and enhance my sewing projects. Find me at www.englishgirlathome.com

4 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. Totally inspired by your kickstarter pledges! I have also pledged.

  2. Wow, there’s some great stuff on there! Besides now needing to back the scarf kickstarter, I apparently also need to knit all of the Amirisu patterns They’re gorgeous! Thanks for rounding these up 🙂

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