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Bertie Wooster PJs: Marbled Carolyn Pajamas


Marbled Pink Carolyn Pajamas

These ain’t your beginners’ pjs! I’m happy to say that I finished my Carolyn Pajamas in time for Monday’s pajama party deadline. I’m in the office on Monday, but I’ll be wearing them in spirit and putting them on for some luxurious lounging in the evening.

Unlike a lot of pyjama patterns, these aren’t a beginner project / quick make. They’re not difficult, but they are composed of quite a lot of pattern pieces. They took me about a day and a half (of admittedly relaxed sewing) to make up, plus half a day to dye the fabric prior to sewing. They’re sooo much more luxurious than most pyjamas though, that it’s definitely worth the extra effort. I’ve long had an obsession with pink pyjamas due to a pair worn by Hugh Laurie’s Bertie Wooster in the Jeeves & Wooster tv series. Bertie’s would definitely be silk though; I’ll have to make a silk pair next time.

Marbled Pink Carolyn Pajamas

The fabric is a dark pink 100% cotton, purchased from Barry’s, which I marbled. I was inspired by an article on marbling in the February issue of Seamwork, and Amy pointed me to this HonestlyWTF tutorial on marbling using shaving foam. The original tutorial uses food colouring, but I substituted for the Jacquard dye in this kit which I knew was suitable for fabric.

Marbling with shaving foam

Marbled Pink Carolyn Pajamas

I cut my pattern pieces out before dyeing and did my dyeing in a large cardboard box (which was good for tidying up as I threw it in the paper recycling afterwards). I dyed a couple of pieces of card at the same time and achieved a better effect on the card than the fabric. If using this method again I’d use more dye and make more effort to create patterns in the shaving foam before placing my fabric down.

Marbled Pink Carolyn Pajamas

I cut a size 2 in the top and 6 in the shorts (which makes me sound very bottom heavy…) and the fit is perfect. I didn’t make any intentional changes to the pattern, although I did accidentally attach the collar upside down… By the time I noticed, I’d already attached piping, sewn the two sides of the collar together and partially attached it to the neckline, so I decided to just go with it, and luckily it works:)!

Marbled Pink Carolyn Pajamas

I abandoned my normal location of my garden for these photos as it seemed inconspicuous for pyjamas. These are taken in our bedroom, and in honour of this blog post I ironed the bed linen for the first time ever! This bed linen is worthy of ironing – it’s Designers Guild’s Ramblas, which is my all time favourite Designers Guild pattern (purchased cheaply from TK Maxx).

Marbled Pink Carolyn Pajamas

Marbled Pink Carolyn Pajamas

The piping was pre-made, from my stash and I had exactly the right amount for these pyjamas; so satisfying. I used boxer shorts elastic, from Guthrie & Ghani, in the waistband of my shorts, and the buttons are Cath Kidson, also from my stash.

Marbled Pink Carolyn Pajamas

Marbled Pink Carolyn Pajamas


Author: Charlotte

Sewist, crafter & blogger, based in Birmingham, England. I'm spending the year growing and gathering to create natural dyes and enhance my sewing projects. Find me at www.englishgirlathome.com

14 thoughts on “Bertie Wooster PJs: Marbled Carolyn Pajamas

  1. I absolutely love these pyjamas! The pattern has been on my ‘To Sew’ list since it was released, but I love your dyed fabric. It’s not something that’s appealed to me before, but I definitely fancy dying some fabric now!

  2. SOOOO gorgeous!! Perfect piping and buttons. I saw this in your instagram and was lusting over your fabric choice. Can’t believe you dyed it yourself, it’s so lovely but now I can’t copy you haha I was definitely going to buy some if is was in a shop 🙂

  3. These look amazing, the marbled effect is awesome! I love the pink and blue together, and the buttons are so cute 🙂

  4. They look lovely, clever girl.xx

  5. they look fantastic, I like how the piping brings out the blue in the marbling.

  6. What a fun project! Pajamas are a great place to experiment with dying and add little heart buttons. Great idea!

  7. They look great! Very comfortable.

  8. These look great – I’ve been hunting for a flattering PJ pattern for ages. Can I ask what size piping you used?

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