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Oslo Cardigan Strike 2


I’m a bit slow posting this Oslo Cardigan, which was a Christmas present for my mom. Now that I’m back at work, Christmas feels ages ago. My first week back at work went very, very slowly, but no doubt I’ll be back to my normal routine soon.

Black & White Wool Oslo Cardigan

This is my second Oslo (which was one of the patterns included in the first issue of Seamwork). My first version, which I made for myself, was a test run, prior to making this for my mom. Both versions were made size small, in woven fabrics. The fabric used here is a lovely thick wool, from Barry’s Fabric. I bought all of the fabric left on the bolt, around 2.5 metres I think, so I’m hoping to squeeze a skirt out of what I have left.

Black & White Wool Oslo Cardigan

I think the Olso pattern – although designed for knits – works really well with a thick woven. The result resembles a casual jacket more than a cardigan.

As with my first version, the only tweaks I made were leaving off the cuffs, and making a matching fabric belt.

Black & White Wool Oslo Cardigan

I’ve had a bit of a wool-buying binge lately. I’ve pre-treated all of the wool fabrics, including this one, by shrinking them in the tumble-dryer. I placed the wool in the dryer on a high heat with two old towels that had been dampened with boiling water. I’ve used this method on both wool-blends and pure wools, such as this, and it’s worked perfectly every time.

Black & White Wool Oslo Cardigan

I took these photos on Christmas Eve, before wrapping the Oslo and giving it to my mom on Christmas day. Is it wrong that I’ve started to think about Christmas 2015 gifts? I seriously LOVE Christmas.

Maybe I’ll actually try making the Oslo in a knit next! And I really want to try the Manila leggings pattern from Seamwork issue 2.

Black & White Wool Oslo Cardigan

Black & White Wool Oslo Cardigan

Black & White Wool Oslo Cardigan

Black & White Wool Oslo Cardigan


Author: Charlotte

Sewist, crafter & blogger, based in Birmingham, England. I'm spending the year growing and gathering to create natural dyes and enhance my sewing projects. Find me at www.englishgirlathome.com

8 thoughts on “Oslo Cardigan Strike 2

  1. Love it. Have got a woven wool fabric I’ve been thinking about making an Oslo out of, but wasn’t 100% sure since the pattern is for knits. This convinced me to give it a go 🙂 How come you shrunk it though?

    • Go for it;) It works fine with wovens – the pattern seems to have a bit of ease so you don’t even need to worry about sizing up. The only piece that came out a bit small in a woven were the cuffs, I just left them off but if you want to include them you probably need to size up on that pattern piece. I pre-shrunk the fabric that way rather than washing it as I was worried about washing wool. Now when it is cleaned in future it shouldn’t shrink!

  2. i’m so devastated that i didn’t sign up immediately for seamwork mag! i signed up the other day and got the patterns for the second issue but i soooo wanted this cardigan! it’s so cute!!

    • Is it not possible to buy back issues? I fancy trying the leggings from issue 2 but need to get fabric – i’ve been trying to use stash fabric lately, but don’t have anything with the correct stretch. It may be an excuse for a fabric shop:)

      • the older patterns aren’t for sale yet so i have found no way to get them! which is such a shame because that cardigan could do me well now and the “winter” season here in vegas will be over in a blink of the eye. i signed up for seamwork i think last week but i still got the second issue. i sooo want to make the leggings! the tulip petal bottom kicks them up a notch!

  3. Lovely cardi! I’ve been looking at patterns that are similar to this, and am loving your version. I like that you did it in a woven, too 🙂

  4. I’m so excited to see this as I was hoping to make my first Seamwork pattern an Oslo in a wool woven. I’m thinking of going for the retro style button up look on a bright wool coating, any advice? Thx so much!

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