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Floral Dolores Dress Visits Ghent


The Dolores Batwing Dress, So Zo, in Ghent, Belgium

I was lucky enough to win a copy of the Dolores Batwing pattern by So Zo to review. I decided to make the dress version and went for this floral jersey, purchased in Barry’s Fabric during the SewBrum meet-up.

I made the dress up some time ago – but it’s taken me an age to blog about it because this was my third attempt to photograph the dress! I first tried to get some photos in our garden but this floral print blended into the background. I then tried to get some photos while visiting London on a trip to the Fashion & Textile Museum but managed to look excessively goofy in every shot. While on holiday last week I took the opportunity to get some more photos & it turned out third time lucky as you can see the dress in these photos and I don’t look any goofier than normal!

The Dolores Batwing Dress, So Zo, in Ghent, Belgium

While staying in Brussels, me & Phil took the opportunity to catch the train to Ghent for a day trip, which is where these photos were taken. We visited on a day when the museums were closed, so I didn’t get to learn about Ghent’s history as a textile producer, but we got the chance to wander around, enjoy the views, and sit in cafes drinking Belgian beer (fruit beer for me, thanks). As a veggie, I was impressed to learn that Ghent has a meat-free day on Thursdays and supposedly, per capita, the world’s largest number of vegetarian restaurants. Pity I only had time to try one during this visit.

The Dolores Batwing Dress, So Zo, in Ghent, Belgium

Back to the dress. This is such a quick make (and I’m increasingly realising that those are my favourite kind. I’m really excited by the Seamwork premise of patterns that only take a few hours to complete). The Dolores PDF only consists of 11 pages, so assembly is exceptionally pain free, and only one pattern piece is used for the front and back of the dress (or top, or tunic, as this pattern has a lot of options). I made this dress from start (printing the PDF) to finish in one afternoon and wore it out that evening. If you are a knit fabric newbie, Zoe’s instructions include detailed information on working with knits, as well as photographs of the construction process.

The Dolores Batwing Dress, So Zo, in Ghent, Belgium

I cut a size 10 which, checking again now, is actually slightly smaller than my actual bust and waist measurements. As a result the dress fits fine but is clingier than some other versions I’ve seen popping up on blogs. Next time I’ll size up for a bit more ease, or, if I fancy a clingy fit, I’ll keep the same size for the body but go up one size for the sleeve pieces, which is where the dress is tightest (I’ve noticed a couple of other bloggers finding the sleeves slightly tight so you may want to double check the sleeve pieces before cutting out your fashion fabric).

The Dolores Batwing Dress, So Zo, in Ghent, Belgium

So, this is another great all-rounder pattern & I’m looking forward to trying out the top version as well as a slouchier dress. I’ll leave you with a few photos of gorgeous Ghent.

The Dolores Batwing Dress, So Zo, in Ghent, Belgium

The Dolores Batwing Dress, So Zo, in Ghent, Belgium

Ghent, Belgium

Ghent, Belgium

Ghent, Belgium

Ghent, Belgium

Ghent, Belgium

Ghent, Belgium

Ghent, Belgium


Author: Charlotte

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8 thoughts on “Floral Dolores Dress Visits Ghent

  1. Stunning in this fabric! It really suits you!

  2. Wow, great dress! The fabric and pattern combo have created a really classic style. I have a batwing top/dress pattern in my stash but thought it would be too sporty or baggy, but you’ve shown me a completely different way to think of making it. And your photos of Ghent are gorgeous!

  3. So much floral but oh my goodness it works!
    This is really stunning, great job! I might have to have a peek in barrys for that Jersey!

  4. Lovely dress and great photos. I am seriously thinking about making this pattern (with my new Christmas overlocker – scary!!). The fact that the pattern’s only 11 pages long is music to my ears!

  5. Beautiful place and a beautiful dress! It looks fabulous and the perfect setting!

  6. This dress is lovely ! I love this floral fabric !
    Now, I’m thinking too to this pattern 🙂

  7. Thanks again Charlotte for sending me the link to this post. It’s a gorgeous dress in a gorgeous location on a gorgeous lady! xx

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