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Fashion and Textile Museum


London Fashion and Textile Museum, Made in Mexico

On two recent trips to London I’ve visited the Fashion and Textile Museum.

If you don’t know it, it’s a small museum linked to Newham College, which is located close to London Bridge and Borough Market (so you can combine a trip with lunch at the market).They host some really interesting exhibitions, although given the size of the gallery I find the exhibitions a little overpriced (compared to, say, an exhibition at the V&A). Most exciting are the workshops & lectures they hold, as they get some amazing teachers/speakers. London is a bit far for me to attend a workshop but if I lived closer I’d always be there!

The recent exhibitions I caught were Made in Mexico: the Rebozo in Art, Culture & Fashion, and Knitwear: Chanel to Westwood. The Knitwear exhibition runs until January so you can still catch it.

The Made in Mexico exhibition focused on the rebozo, a kind of shawl or scarf. The name rebozo is derived from the Spanish verb rebozar, meaning to ‘muffle up’. Rebozo were historically made on back strap looms – and still are today. The exhibition included both traditional examples and modern interpretations (such as the one below).

London Fashion and Textile Museum, Made in Mexico

London Fashion and Textile Museum, Made in Mexico

London Fashion and Textile Museum, Made in Mexico

London Fashion and Textile Museum, Made in Mexico

Photos weren’t permitted in the Knitwear: Chanel to Westwood exhibition. The pieces included in the exhibition are mainly taken from a private collection and the selection seemed a bit eclectic. It is organised by date; my favourite pieces were the vintage ones – particularly the selection of knitted bathing suits & preppy 1950s styles.

I do have pictures of a couple of pieces displayed in a separate gallery. These are by Yang Du and have the amazing names Mr Superman Sweater (the lion sweater dress) and Mr Elephant hat and Mr Elephant gloves. I’m quite tempted by a massive sweater dress – with or without giant lion face…

London Fashion and Textile Museum, Knitwear: Chanel to Westwood

London Fashion and Textile Museum, Knitwear: Chanel to Westwood


Author: Charlotte

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8 thoughts on “Fashion and Textile Museum

  1. Wow, some incredible pieces there! Sounds like they were really interesting exhibitions.

  2. Oh, I’m planning on treating my mum (who’s visiting London) to a trip around the Knitwear exhibition – do you think it’s worth it, or would we be better off heading to the V&A? I’ve not been to the F&T museum, although the promise of good coffee nearby is tempting me!!

  3. Looks a fun exhibition! Love that museum. Hope you had a good day. xx

    • I was actually wearing my Dolores Dress on the visit! I got some photos outside the museum but they didn’t really do the dress justice so I didn’t post them. I will be getting some better photos & posting them soon:)

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