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Hand Printed Fabric Swap Lou Lou Dress


Hand Printed Fabric Swap Lou Lou Dress

I recently took part in Marilla Walker’s Hand Printed Fabric Swap. I was paired with the lovely Claire from Hoopes Park Studios. Claire correctly detected that I like bright colours and busy prints. I found a very generous 2 metres of this amazing print from Claire waiting for me when I returned from a work trip to Istanbul. I love getting home anyway but It’s even more exciting when there is fabric waiting!

Hand Printed Fabric Swap Lou Lou Dress

As you can see, Claire printed a repeat motif of circles and triangles in green, black and yellow on a pink fabric. It must have taken ages to print by hand! Claire has posted about her printing process and how licorice was the inspiration for her colour scheme on her blog. The dress is my own Lou Lou Dress pattern. This is a simplified version – the dress is lined as standard but this is as unlined version. It was super quick to put together, just two pattern pieces. I slip stitched the hem and edges of the armholes & collar for a neat finish. This is a stiffer fabric than the Lou Lou is designed for; which I think results in a more retro silhouette.

I have finally finished tweaking the Lou Lou Dress Pattern and it’s going out to my lovely (patient) testers. If you haven’t already signed up to test and would be interested register using my pattern testing form.

Hand Printed Fabric Swap Lou Lou Dress

My contribution to the Hand Printed Fabric Swap looks a bit tame in comparison to Claire’s. I printed an irregular ladybird design on a light blue chambray.

Hand Printed Fabric Swap Ladybird Chambray

Hand Printed Fabric Swap Ladybird Chambray


Author: Charlotte

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5 thoughts on “Hand Printed Fabric Swap Lou Lou Dress

  1. Lovely dress! Looks like a great shift dress pattern – looking forward to hearing more about it down the line! The fabric is really cool and really iota the dress style. And I really like your little ladybirds! 🙂

  2. Ohh I love both dress prints! How fun! I have toyed with the idea of getting an artistic friend to hand print some fabric for me and this is certainly an inspiration!

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  4. oh ma gawsh I love how it turned out! Definitely very mod- the circles add to the effect. It’s so cool to see you wearing the fabric I printed!

  5. A great use for a funky print! It shows that Loulou is versatile as to what fabrics it would work for.
    And I *love* your ladybird print. I think ladybirds are adorable, and I was originally going to try printing them for the swap myself, so it’s a good job I didn’t- it would have looked like I was copying you.
    I haven’t worked out what to make with the fabric I received.

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