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Better Late than Never Myrna Cardigan


Myrna Cardigan Andi Satterlund

Sooo I started on this Myrna Cardigan by Andi Satterlund around May when Andi and Lauren announced their Outfit Along, and finally finished it at the beginning of August after the OAL deadline. I was a bit worried when I kept reading other bloggers saying it was a very quick project as I certainly wasn’t all that quick getting it finished!

It is only my second knitted clothing project (my first was my Owls jumper) so I’m not too concerned – I’m sure I’ll pick up speed with a few more projects under my belt. The other thing that slows me down is that I do most of my knitting while travelling. When I’m at home I tend to pick a sewing project. Most of this cardigan was knitted on planes and trains.

Myrna Cardigan Andi Satterlund

It’s not perfect but I’m happy with it and the fit is fine. Phil is more of a perfectionist than me (which wouldn’t be hard as perfectionist isn’t a term I’d use about myself), and the first thing he said when I showed him the finished cardigan was that the buttons are wonky! Yeah, they are but they’re functional and life is too short in my opinion. On the plus side they have gold anchors on them:)

Myrna Cardigan Andi Satterlund

The wool used is the Women’s Institute brand wool now being sold in Hobby Craft stores, in Teal. The buttons are white with a gold anchor design and were purchased in the Birmingham Rag Market. The little necklace you can see in the picture below was a present to myself from Oliver Bonas.

Myrna Cardigan Andi Satterlund

Myrna Cardigan Andi Satterlund

To strengthen the button band I attached ribbon to the reverse using this tutorial by Lladybird. It’s worked really well to stop the cardigan front stretching out.

Myrna Cardigan Andi Satterlund


Author: Charlotte

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9 thoughts on “Better Late than Never Myrna Cardigan

  1. Really lovely colour and very cute buttons! I missed the deadline too (and still haven’t put buttons on mine!) Oh well, at least we both have cardis to wear tho!

  2. Great cardigan – it fits really well and I love that colour! Maybe it took a bit longer than planned, but it’s great to have something to show for all those hours on planes and trains! 🙂 I was actually going to email you to ask about knitting and flying – are most airlines and airports ok with knitting needles in hand luggage?

  3. Great cardigan! the colour and fit is terrific! I’m a slow knitter, too.

  4. I love the colour and the cardi looks really neatly put together. I am really excited about starting Andi’s knit-a-long on the 10th as I have never done one before and I am particularly fascinated by the construction but like you I don’t think I’ll finish by the deadline!

  5. I didn’t manage to finish mine in time for the deadline either. Like you I tend to fit my knitting in here and there. If I do manage to do some at home its normally only 1/2hr once or twice a week. Still, yours looks great, much better than mine! I still haven’t put buttons on mine (most likely won’t) as I think I cast off too tightly and the button bands barely meet, oops!

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