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My First (Owls) Jumper


Handmade Kate Davies Owls Jumper
I finished my first jumper! Owls by Kate Davies. This is only my second ever knitting project and I wouldn’t have been brave enough to try a jumper (or anything else wearable) so quickly if not spurred on by Kat and Sabs’ knit-along.
Handmade Kate Davies Owls Jumper
I actually think it was a good early knitting project as I learned TONS making this jumper. It was my first time using circular needles, knitting ribbing, cabling, etc., etc. When I started this project I was finding it difficult recognising individual rows and recognising the difference between the knit and purl side of a piece of knitting and now at the end I feel so much more confident. I’ve already jumped into my next knitting project – Andi Satterlund’s Myrna cardigan. I’d totally recommend Owls to other relative beginners.
Handmade Kate Davies Owls Jumper
I made a ton of mistakes of course. I spent quite a bit of time unpicking stitches and re-doing things (including re-doing one whole sleeve), but there were also errors I was too lazy to redo. In particular the bottom band… It was my first attempt at ribbing and it definitely isn’t ribbing! I was obviously feeling lazy that day as I left it be. I’d figured out ribbing by the time I got to the cuffs and neckline – I’m looking at the jumper as proof of the learning process:)
Handmade Kate Davies Owls Jumper
The wool is an acrylic and I think the wool for the whole project cost less than £10. I decided not to attach button eyes to my owls. I bought 32 tiny buttons from Birmingham Rag Market but decided I liked it without. I’m looking forward to seeing the other Owls knit as part of the knit-along:) Ok, on to Myrna!
Handmade Kate Davies Owls Jumper


Author: Charlotte

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14 thoughts on “My First (Owls) Jumper

  1. Yay! Your owls look great, and I love the grey shade you knitted them in! I think I prefer the little chaps without the button eyes too and have decided to leave mine without them. Looking forward to your next knitting success! 🙂

    • I’m looking forward to seeing your jumper soon:) Let us know how you got on if you tried the steam blocking – I just hand washed mine & hoped for the best in the end! My wool was supposedly washing machine friendly but I was too wimpy to risk it…

      • Ha, mine is supposed to be machine-washable too but I’m also afraid to try it! I haven’t blocked it at all yet, I’m actually ridiculously nervous of the process but I will steel myself to get that done this week – I can’t wait to wear it!

  2. Yay looks brilliant! So glad you enjoyed the KAL (altho I’m a little ashamed of myself for not keeping up and finishing mine yet ☺️) I’ve got Myrna on my list too – but I need to finish owls then knit a baby blanket first so don’t think I’ll get to it for a good few months yet! Look forward to seeing yours. Enjoy wearing your owls!

    • Thanks for running it, I never would have tried a jumper without the KAL to make me go for it. Hope your owls are still going well:) I’m hoping to make the Outfit Along deadline for my Myrna but I’ll see how I get on as I also want to get some sewing done:)

  3. Wow! Brilliant early knitting project, it looks great.

  4. Wahoooo! Congrats, it looks fab!

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  7. Absolutely Gorgeous!! love it 🙂

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