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1940s Spotty Dress


I’ve blogged about this dress previously but didn’t get any decent photos so thought it was worth another post.
Handmade Vintage Dress
This was actually the first item of clothing I made, with the exception of the few things I made during Textiles class at school (I remember an awful fleece hat in particular…). I didn’t make things easy for myself by starting with an original 1940s Marian Martin sewing pattern (9049)!
Sewing Pattern Marian Martin 1940s (9049)
I made this dress while I was still at University studying for my undergraduate degree (BA English) approximately eight years ago, but pretty much never wore it as the original length (ankle length) didn’t really suit me. When I rediscovered the dress in the attic last year I lopped a big chunk off the skirt to get to the current length. Much more my style:)
Handmade Dress from Marian Martin 1940s Sewing Pattern (9049)
This week (spurred on by me made May) I finally got around to tidying up the hem and redoing the buttonholes (which were frankly awful, tut tut Charlotte of 8 years ago). Now I can finally get some wear out of my new-old dress!
Handmade Dress from Marian Martin 1940s Sewing Pattern (9049)
This dress is worn below with my Brigitte Scarf. It was a lovely day but was actually a bit bright so I got Phil to take some photos in the house too, which means you are seeing a few of each!
Handmade Vintage Dress
Handmade Vintage Dress


Author: Charlotte

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11 thoughts on “1940s Spotty Dress

  1. I can’t believe this was the first thing you made – it’s so well executed and there are a lot of details which could be really daunting to a new sewer! Such a pretty dress 🙂 The Brigitte scarf is great with it.

  2. Ahhhh lovely. It turned out so close to the original!

  3. Woo! Hi Charlotte, this is Vicki – we were chatting in the pub today. This dress is lovely, and I like your Afternoon Blouse very much as well. I read in your About page that you work at a university – me too! Pity we didn’t get to compare notes today. I felt sew inspired by the time I got home that I’ve cut & started the final practice trousers for my boyf Roger before I cut the real cloth for his wedding suit trousers. I found a few meters of a vintage pinstripe wool in a charity shop a month ago, perfect timing for final toiles. Anyway, I’m just saying hi & I’m now following your blog & I look forward to seeing more of your makes. Xx

    • Hello:) Great to chat to you. We should have compared notes! I can’t believe you got started on the trousers already! I did absolutely nothing when I go home. I’m planning some sewing today though – as well as actually doing some housework… Hope the wedding suit & dress turn out well & doing require too many alterations:) Hope to see you at a meet-up (or online!) soon. x

  4. Lovely dress, and nice to meet you Saturday

    SSB. https://facebook.com/sassysewingbees

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