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A Week in Paris


Me and Phil recently spent a week in Paris. I’ve been travelling quite a bit for work lately so it was lovely to travel for pleasure instead:) While there we visited some sites we hadn’t explored on our  previous trips.

Unsurprisingly Paris has a number of fashion museums, and we managed to visit two of these while there.

I was particularly impressed by the Palais Galliera Museum of Fashion. The Museum holds extensive collections of clothing (18th century to contemporary), accessories, drawing and photography, but, due to the delicacy of these collections, the museum doesn’t have a permanent collection on display. The current temporary exhibition that we managed to catch was photography from Conde Nast magazines (e.g. Vogue, Vanity Fair, Glamour). The photographs included dated from 1918 to the present day, although I particularly liked the vintage images. Most excitingly, alongside the photography, the Museum displayed haute couture pieces from its collections – which included pieces by Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent.
Paris, April 2014
I didn’t pack too many me-made clothes for the trip to Paris, knowing that Me Made May was just around the corner, but I had to take my Coco dress to Paris! Here it is within sight of the Eiffel Tour, in the grounds of the Palais Galliera.
Paris, April 2014

We also visited the Museum of Decorative Arts which is housed in the same building as the Louvre, although a separate museum. The Museum has a varied mixture of collections (furniture, toys, etc.), including textile collections. Like the Palais Galliera, the Museum does not have a permanent textile collection on display, instead running regular temporary exhibitions. We caught an exhibition of work by the Belgian designer Dries Van Noten. As well an an extensive selection of pieces by Dries Van Noten, the exhibition included beautiful vintage pieces from the Museum’s own collection by designers including Schiaparelli and Dior. Gorgeous!
Paris, April 2014

Among the other museums we visited was the Musee des Arts et Metiers, where I admired some beautiful vintage sewing machines and looms.
Paris, April 2014Paris, April 2014

Of course, while in Paris I had to visit the fabric district in Place Saint-Pierre (right by the Sacré Cœur). I treated myself to two 3-meter off-cuts or ‘coupons’.
Paris, April 2014
I didn’t buy anything from Reine but popped in to admire the Liberty fabric, and the awful mini mannequins they have throughout the store. You have to wonder who makes the clothes for these (the mannequins aren’t full size so do they use children’s clothing sizes)?
Fabric Shop, Paris

Another spot we hadn’t visited previously that was AMAZING was the Puces de St-Ouen market area. The area contains around a dozen separate markets. I’d particularly recommend the Marche Serpette, which includes a number of vintage clothing, record and book shops, and one shop selling vintage sewing patterns, buttons, etc.
Paris, April 2014Paris, April 2014
Paris, April 2014Paris, April 2014
I wore my Victoria Blazer to the Puces de St-Ouen, as well as my gorgeous new bag. A very exciting Easter gift from my Nan.
Paris, April 2014

As movie lovers, me and Phil also visited two historic cinemas.

The Rex is a 1930s cinema, with art-deco style facade. It was designed to be ostentatious – the stage includes water jets, and when it was opened huge numbers of dancers used to perform before films started. It’s a working cinema and still regularly hosts movie premiers. They also run a backstage tour which I was very excited about, although admittedly hilarious, the cinema took a Disney-style approach to the tour so unfortunately you don’t get to hear much about the cinema’s history or see much of the real cinema behind the scenes (it’s all a bit phony).
Paris, April 2014
The Cinéma du Panthéon, originally opened in 1907, offers a total contrast to the Rex. It specialises in independent films, and has a stunning salon on the first floor, with an interior designed by Catherine Deneuve, as well as a very cool book shop.
Paris, April 2014
I could have spent all day in the beautiful Salon, but the prices meant we stuck to a cup of tea!
Paris, April 2014

Such a lovely week:) The weather meant we were also able to spend a lot of time sat in Paris’ parks eating cake!
Paris, April 2014

And… just to prove that I didn’t make Phil spend all his holiday visiting fabric shops and fashion museums (admittedly not his first choice of things to do), we also visited the Parc des Princes to see Paris Saint-Germain play.
Paris, April 2014

See also my post about the craft shops we visited during last year’s trip to Paris.


Author: Charlotte

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5 thoughts on “A Week in Paris

  1. Ooh it looks like you had a a wonderful time, the perfect mix of sight-seeing, crafts and, erm, football!

    Those mini mannequins are a bit scary aren’t they? Have they not heard of ‘real’ (hate the term but it’s needed here) women?

    I’ve got a longing to go back to Paris now!


  2. Wow, what a fabulous trip! It looks amazing, and great choices of things to do! I’d love to see the fabric you bought!

  3. Cool photos, looks like you had an amazing trip! 🙂 I haven’t been in Paris in years but would love to go back for a relaxing trip like this. Your Victoria blazer looks great with jeans.
    And those mannequins are really weird – it kind of looks like they kept the hair from a full-sized one and this smaller head is a bit swamped under it!

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