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Leather Bag Making


Handmade Leather Bag
A couple of weeks ago I attended a Saturday workshop to make a leather handbag run by Gosia Weber, a local designer maker here in Birmingham. The class was held at Bilston Craft Gallery, which runs a really good selection of courses which are also cheap! I booked the class back in December as a Christmas present to myself:) I’d seen the course advertised previously but been unable to make the date so was adamant that I was going to make it this time around. As it happened I had to travel  to Istanbul for work the week of the course – but arrived back on Friday in time to attend, if rather tired and keen to spend some time at home.
Handmade Leather Bag
Making a leather handbag was actually easier than I though and was mainly made up on a sewing machine – with some hammering of metal fastenings also involved! Gosia made it easy by providing a pattern for the three main pieces involved – the back (which also formed the flap), front and bottom/side piece. These were all cut from small leather off-cuts.
Handmade Leather Bag
In order to personalise the bags we each cut out a small motif and sewed this (by machine) onto the bag before the bag was assembled. I used the hand wheel rather than the pedal to keep sufficient control while attaching the motif. My choice of a moon and star motif was influenced by the color scheme of my bag. Plenty of tea was provided to keep us going.
Handmade Leather Bag
Handmade Leather Bag
The picture below shows all of the bags produced in the workshop. You can see we all went for different colours, designs, and even placement of the clasp!
Handmade Leather Bag


Author: Charlotte

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5 thoughts on “Leather Bag Making

  1. I just took an intro to leather course a week ago and am in LOVE! I thought working with leather would be much more difficult than it was. I’m going to save my $$ so I can buy a tool set and do more at home, because a little taste wasn’t nearly enough!

    Great work on the bag! It’s really wonderful to add this new skill into your repertoire!

  2. It’s a truly lovely bag!

  3. I fall in love with those bags! Very original!

  4. Wow this is so interesting. I love your bag. Are the clasps sew on? Or glue on? You’ve got a brilliant new skill here!!

  5. Your bag looks great! I love the motif you chose. I have a leather clutch project on the back burner right now and this is inspiring me to get it out!

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