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Taffy #2


Handmade Colette Patterns Taffy Blouse
OK, so this is my second Colette Pattern’s Taffy Blouse. Straight after finishing my first, I made a start on the second. I wanted this one to be slightly longer in length and have a higher neckline. Rather than adjusting the Taffy pattern pieces I used the front and back body pieces from the blouse with collar in the Great British Sewing Bee book as I knew it had the fit I wanted, and combined those with the sleeve pieces from the Taffy. I also restrained from cutting this fabric on the bias as it has a directional print, and I knew the blouse would be large enough to pull on and off without being bias cut.
Handmade Colette Patterns Taffy Blouse
Handmade Colette Patterns Taffy Blouse
The fabric used was some I picked up for £1 from a car boot sale whilst holidaying in Brighton. It is totally synthetic and creases easily, but it drapes fairly well and I got about 3 metres for £1 so can’t really complain. I made my own bias binding for the neck and sleeve edges, however I couldn’t face making it up from same fabric as the blouse as it was really narrow. I measured it and found that I’d need to cut and sew together three strips of binding for each of the three edges (neck and two sleeves). No thanks! Instead I used some of the fabric left over from my previous Taffy blouse, which was lovely and wide so only needed one strip per edge.  Much preferable:)
Handmade Colette Patterns Taffy Blouse
I liked the print of this fabric when I started cutting out, but part way through sewing the blouse together I began to think that it might look like a rather cheap and nasty uniform. Now that it’s finished I’m pretty confident that it doesn’t have that look – I think the style of the blouse and sleeves save it from looking too uniform-like. Phew!


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4 thoughts on “Taffy #2

  1. This looks fantastic!! You have done a great job!

  2. This is lovely. What a bargain fabric!

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