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Long Forgotten Dress (Marian Martin 9049)


I made this dress from a 1940s Marian Martin sewing pattern (9049), bought on ebay, while I was still at University studying for my undergraduate degree (BA English as it happens). I love the large pockets on the skirt and the pleated bodice. I made version two with short sleeves.

Sewing Pattern Marian Martin 1940s (9049)

According to the envelope that was included with the pattern, the original owner was a Mrs Goodwin of California.

Marian Martin 1940s Sewing Pattern (9049)
It’s  now eight years since I finished University so the dress is at least eight years old, but I think I’ve only worn it once or twice. In fact, when I remembered it a few weeks ago and decided to try it on to see if it still fits I couldn’t even find it, as I’d left it behind at my Mom and Dad’s house when I moved out two years ago. Poor dress!

After trying it on I realised the problem. When I made the dress, I followed the pattern and instructions exactly. This meant the dress worked out at around ankle length. However, I’m quite short and have a preference for short skirts and dresses (I don’t normally wear anything longer than just-above-the-knee length), so I just didn’t feel comfortable in it.

Handmade Dress from Marian Martin 1940s Sewing Pattern (9049)

Handmade Dress from Marian Martin 1940s Sewing Pattern (9049)

This was easily fixed. I chopped 12″ off the bottom of the dress and then re-hemmed. The resulting short-skirt version is much more my style.

I also spotted a few issues with the finish of the dress. Eight years ago I was obviously lazier, and the button-holes and seams were pretty messy. I’ve started to tidy them up but didn’t finish in time for yesterday’s Birmingham meet-up organised by Marie, Kat and Claire. However, I decided to wear the dress anyway – after 8 years in the wardrobe I thought it was time to give it a decent outing.

Handmade Dress from Marian Martin 1940s Sewing Pattern (9049), with length alteration

Handmade Dress from Marian Martin 1940s Sewing Pattern (9049), with length alteration


Author: Charlotte

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8 thoughts on “Long Forgotten Dress (Marian Martin 9049)

  1. I think the shorter version suits you much better! how about the meeting in Birmingham? (asking somewhat envious 🙂

  2. Thank you, I felt much more comfortable in the shortened version. The meet-up was lovely. I’ll be blogging about it as soon I I’ve photographed my purchases. It was great to have an excuse to spend all day fabric shopping & talking sewing!

  3. I’ve just given you a super sweet blogger award. Obviously don’t feel obliged to do anything with it, but I just wanted to carry on spreading the love! x

  4. Hey this dress is lovely!!! Shorter version suits you even better 😉 . I also received a bunch of envelope with one of pattern lots I bought, it is really moving!

  5. Beautiful! Shorter version is perfect! x

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