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All the Cool Kids are Making it: My First Sorbetto Tank


Home Made Sorbetto Tank Top

I know, I know, I’m very late getting around to it but I’ve finally made my first Sorbetto tank by Colette Patterns. I haven’t sewn any clothes recently as since buying a first house two years ago I’ve been preoccupied with making things for the house (predominately lots of curtains!). However, watching Sewing Bee, as well as seeing all the lovely things other bloggers are making, reminded me how much I enjoy making clothes so I expect this to be the first of many clothing projects in the next few months.

I made my Sorbetto in a thin floral cotton, perfect for the summer. The fabric cost £2.50 per metre from Birmingham’s Indoor Market. Since the pattern was free, and I made the bias binding, the top only cost a total of £2.50. It was a perfect example of when sewing your own clothes can be cheaper than buying off the peg.

This was the first time I’d made bias binding and I was very glad I did as having matching bias binding gives such a lovely, professional looking finish. I was surprised by just how easy it is.

Home Made Sorbetto Tank Top

Home Made Bias Binding

Unfortunately, since making my Sorbetto we’ve not had much sunshine here in England so I’ve barely had a chance to wear it. This weekend the weather improved slightly so I managed to get a chance at last. As you can see below I was going casual, wearing the Sorbetto with jeans and hi tops, as me and Phil were off to look at potential bathroom tiles (the next decorating job on our to-list) and paint. Prior to our shopping trip, Phil got a couple of pictures of me in our garden while I pegged out some washing. The garden is looking a bit unruly as I’ve pretty much left it to it’s own devices so far this year. One weekend soon, however, I will drag myself away from crafting and spend a day or two getting the weeding and trimming done. Honest.

Handmade Sorbetto Tank

Handmade Sorbetto Tank


Author: Charlotte

Sewist, crafter & blogger, based in Birmingham, England. I'm spending the year growing and gathering to create natural dyes and enhance my sewing projects. Find me at www.englishgirlathome.com

5 thoughts on “All the Cool Kids are Making it: My First Sorbetto Tank

  1. that top is beautiful, love the fabric too! xxx

  2. Looks great. I wear my Sorbetto lots and will make more when I find the right fabrics.

  3. Thanks both. I’m already planning a second Sorbetto in a soft cotton to wear as a pyjama top

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