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Fabric Shopping in Ikea

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Yesterday after work, me and Phil had a trip to Ikea. We were only going for fabric and Daim cake, but of course ended up spending lots more.

I did get some lovely fabric. The first was Halleknopp, a 100% cotton thick upholstery fabric. It has an amazing triangle & dot pattern designed by Anna Salander.

Halleknopp Fabric Ikea

Halleknopp Fabric Ikea

I’m going to make it into the handsome bean bag below, which was featured in the March issue of Cloth magazine, and taken from the Liberty Book of Home Sewing. It’s for Phil to put his feet up on while watching TV. At the moment he puts them up on my side of the sofa  every time I pop out of the room to make a cup of tea. I’m planning to get started on it this weekend.

Cloth Magazine Image

I also bought a light cotton and polyester mix called Smaborre, which has a satisfyingly spiky floral pattern designed by Edholm & Ullenius. I’m planning to make this into some pyjamas for myself. I’m thinking of making PJ trousers first, and if there’s enough fabric left might also make a top and shorts set (probably using the free Colette Sorbetto & Madeleine patterns).

Smaborre Ikea Fabric

Amongst our other purchases from Ikea was an LP frame for this groovy Joe Jackson LP which I pinched from my Dad’s record collection. It’s now in pride of place on the living room wall.

Joe Jackson 12"


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One thought on “Fabric Shopping in Ikea

  1. I love the pattern on your upholstery fabric. Can’t wait to see the finished project!

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