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Made in the Middle


Last Tuesday me and Phil went to the MAC after work for a valentine’s day screening of Brief Encounter. Prior to the film we visited the Made in the Middle craft exhibition which is currently located at the MAC prior to going on tour. Going to a craft exhibition after work isn’t Phil’s first choice for an evening out but as it was valentines day he couldn’t really say no:) Plus he had a film screening afterwards to make up for it.

The Made in the Middle exhibition features work by regional artists working in various crafty mediums, which this year included paper, textile, jewellery, and pottery. My absolute favourite pieces were by Clare Willard who creates amazing images which have a print-like quality and boldness by laser cutting and laminating wood:
Made in the Middle at MAC, Birmingham UK

One of the key themes of the exhibition was the background of the artists and how they had gotten into craft careers. It was really fascinating to see the number of artists who had moved into artistic careers through evening courses.

Below are a handful of images of pieces from the exhibition.

by Madana Thompson:
Made in the Middle at MAC, Birmingham UK

English Hedgerow by Andrew Tanner and Unanico:

Made in the Middle at MAC, Birmingham UK

Made in the Middle at MAC, Birmingham UK
Made in the Middle at MAC, Birmingham UK

Disembowelled White Goods by Laura McCafferty:
Made in the Middle at MAC, Birmingham UK


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  1. i’ve got nothin but pure adoration for this…that’s all

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